20 Kasım 2010 Cumartesi

What else do you need for a better marketing?

There is a pizza van called "Pizza Capri" and it's just @ the corner of the main street Corse Mirabeau and side street Rue de Fabrot in Aix en Provence.


The Pizza Capri's Van is nearly full in every minute of an hour. I wondered
the secret of it.

A reason can be given easily since it's just nearby one of the most famous restaurant of France.The restaurant is named
"Les Deux Garcons" where the most famous people of France visited since 1792.

Another reason is the one we nearly forgot in marketing: TASTE. The creator and maker of Pizza Capri has a great formula and that makes the difference.

One more reason is the price which is reasonable since it's
neither cheap, nor expensive (2 euro).

And the last reason of the success, is that, everybody in Aix en Provence talks about Pizza Capri!

So, as a summary, let's talk with the name of 4P:

The product is great!
The price is reasonable!
The Place is very convenient!
The Promotion is the most effective one: Word of Mouth!

What else do you need for a better marketing?

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